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Massage Services


Massage pricing is based on one hour of service. However, sessions can be customized by 30 minute increments. Please call for pricing on massage treatments longer or shorter than the traditional one hour sessions.

Swedish Massage                                                                                             $75    

This is the relaxing, stress-reducing type of massage most people think about when they want a massage. Swedish massage includes gliding, kneading, & striking strokes combined with friction strokes, stretching, joint movements & gentle shaking & rocking. Generally, the massage is full-body producing both relaxing & therapeutic benefits. Swedish Massage technique can also focus on one area of the body, as needed. Swedish Massage sessions are typically 1 hour to 90 minutes, but can be shorter or longer as desired.

Neuromuscular Therapy (Sports Massage)                                                    $75
NMT is a system of soft tissue manipulation techniques intended to balance the nervous system with the musculoskeletal system. This gentle but effective massage is an excellent treatment for those experiencing pain. This technique aids in correcting muscular imbalances that can cause pain & discomfort. Additionally, NMT addresses nerve pain caused by pressure from soft tissues  such as muscles, fascia, & tendons. NMT is effective in helping with conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD), back pain, neck pain, scoliosis, sciatica, fibromyalgia (FMS), & migraines.

Myofascial Release                                                                                            $75
This technique, while not strictly massage, is another gentle & highly effective technique used by the therapist to help facilitate release of restrictions in your fascia (a widespread connective tissue) that can cause tightness & pain. If you feel that you could relieve your discomfort or pain if you could "just stretch that area" then Myofascial Release could be just what you're looking for. The gentleness of Myofascial Release makes it the treatment of choice for many who suffer from fibromyalgia, functional scoliosis, lupus, & myofascial pain syndrome.

Pain Relief Massage                                                                                           $75
This style of massage is generally used in combination with Swedish or Neuromuscular Therapy. The focus is on the muscles & tissues most often used in daily activity or lack of activity, such as sitting in front of a computer all day, standing on your feet for a long period of time or making the same movement repeatedly. The techniques used include in this style of massage are very gentle & do not require much pressure. The goals with this technique are relaxation & less painful movement.

Deep Tissue                                                                                                         $75
Deep Tissue Massage is a massage technique that reaches the deeper layers of muscle & connective tissues of the body. It relaxes the muscles, rids them of built up metabolic waste & helps release adhesions between muscles & connective tissues. It can also be useful in preventing scar tissue build up from injuries to muscles & connective tissues. Despite common belief, extreme pressure is not necessary to achieve desired results & often only results in pain to the client.

Hot Stone Massage                                                                                             $80
This massage is among the most luxurious of them all. The therapist combines a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage with the healing properties of hot stones. The energy & penetrating heat of the stones help tension just melt away. The stones are used both to perform massage strokes & to bring relaxing warmth to the body. It's been said that one massage stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to ten strokes without the hot stone. Try it, it's wonderful!

Pregnancy Massage                                                                                          $75
Pregnancy massage has gained tremendous popularity by helping the mother-to-be remain comfortable during her pregnancy &, in many cases, have an easier delivery. Pregnancy massage relieves muscle spasms & cramps associated with the stress of extra weight & the physical changes that occur during pregnancy while also helping the mother to relax. Massage enhances the gestation process by increasing blood & lymph circulation, reducing edema, & increasing cellular respiration. Pregnancy massage also provides emotional support & physical nurturing which may be passed on to the baby.

Corporate Chair Massage                                                                 $1 per minute
Chair massage is performed while the client remains fully clothed & seated in a specially designed massage chair. The massage chair allows the Massage Therapist to massage the client's head, neck, back & arms in a typical 10-15 minute session.

Couple's Massage                                                                                            $150
This special arrangement allows a couple to receive their massages at the same time, in the same room with two massage therapists. The massage may actually be any type of massage such as Swedish, Deep Tissue or even Hot Stone. Couple's massage is a great way to share the power & benefits of massage. Couple's massage does take some notice since I need to coordinate more than one therapist, but it's worth it!! Credit Card required to hold appointment.

Therapeutic Massage                                                                                         $75
In Therapeutic Massage, the massage therapist treats specific muscular & connective tissue problems with techniques directed at achieving favorable client outcomes under the supervision & written orders of the client's physician. More simply stated, the massage therapist is a massage therapist with advanced training in the assessment of soft tissue dysfunction & treatment.

Trigger Point Therapy                                                                                        $80
This type of therapy targets the sore, irritable, tight spots in muscles called trigger points. These trigger points can cause the whole muscle to be tight & painful, or even restrict movement in a joint. They can also "refer" pain to areas elsewhere in the body. In Trigger Point Therapy the Massage Therapist carefully seeks out the trigger points in muscles & uses specific compression techniques which allow the trigger points to release. This technique is often employed as part of NMT or Deep Tissue procedures & is a great method for relieving muscular pain & tension.




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